You deserve someone who is not the same as all the other Innovation Consultants. Together we can make Innovation and Reinvention as simple, pain free and tear free as possible. Let's remove the mystery, make things manageable, and move you towards sustainable competitive advantage.

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Soothe Innovation pain

Innovation injury? Apply some ICE. Use the Innovation Capability Explorer to find out exactly where you are in a simple pain free way.

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turn innovation not spots into hot spots

Innovation Not Spots

Turn Your Not Spots Into Innovation Hot Spots: Banish The Cycle of Non-Innovation. Could you be caught in this cycle? Has your ROI simply turned into a massive cost? This can be turned around with a carefully constructed break out!

Innovation equation

Measuring Innovation Capability

Measuring Innovation Capability: Measuring Innovation Capability. Breaking down Innovation into components such as those defined in the Innovation Equation gives you one huge advantage. You can carefully target scarce resources. All of these things are measurable, so your organisation can

If you are bewildered by the current economic climate and think you might benefit from a little ReInvention or Innovation you can head over to my ReThinking The Future page for some FREE advice and resources.

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rethinking the future

ReThinking The Future

ReThinking, Tools For Anxious Business Owners: Downloadable resources that you can use as you wish. One call of up to an hour plus a limited email exchanges to support you. No signing up to a newsletter for access (unless you

innovation programs

Innovation Programs

Our Innovation Programs: Innovation Management. The measurements allow the creation of action plans without the need for spending large amounts of money, time and resources. Depending on the findings, actions may be generated in the following areas: To the above

You don't need a crystal ball to take a look at the Future of Innovation.

Ideas and reflections about the types of Innovation, necessary Strategic approaches, and required processes and behaviours have been distilled into a handy guide just for you called The Way Forward.

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Watch Derek

Watch Derek

Watch Derek: The playlists featured below are available on my YouTube channel. Click on this link to visit the channel and subscribe. All of the videos have been recorded and uploaded over a period of time and so the content...

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I have heard Derek speak on the topic of using Creativity as a business tool and he runs lively and fun packed events that allow people to experience Creativity first hand, but more importantly, take home real practical and useful tools for change.

Dr Paul Thomas, The BBC's Business Doctor

I would not hesitate in recommending Derek’s services. He has an in-depth knowledge of Creativity, Innovation, and Strategy which he communicates easily to others.

Hugo Martin, Venture Mexico

'Creativity In Action', a guide to using Creativity in business, is available online via Amazon

A handy guide to using alternative thinking to solve common business issues within your organisation. Over 170 pages packed with useful information with foreword by the BBC's Business Doctor.

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