Is Creativity Geographically Dependent?

Is creativity dependent on geography

What is the problem?

I was inspired by a recent article in The Telegraph which took a good look at what was happening in a number of European cities. It does, however, have global implications. The centres of some cities are becoming sterile as the super wealthy and merchant banks install the signs of their wealth. We see fairly sterile streets, shiny glass buildings and supercars everywhere. The street cafes, bars, shops and small galleries are moving outwards away from the centre and the Creativity is moving with them. The question is, will London retain its quota of creative people or will they end up in Birmingham or Manchester?

What are the implications?

On a global scale will there be a creative brain drain? Creative people will feel alienated by sterile sky scraper filled cities and they will move elsewhere. They will feel more at home in places such as Africa or South America? What is the problem and can we fix it?

The problem here is money. Those with piles of it can (and frequently) do anything they want. Unfortunately this does not involve enhancing the creative environment in which they live, just parading the trappings of their wealth. In other words they will hang paintings on their walls whilst those that create them move gradually further away.

The policies created by our politicians create yet more problems. In major economies governments are eager to attract wealth and be recognised as major financial centres at any cost. This all leads to our cities become very dull areas indeed. Creativity of all forms requires variation in people, buildings and environment to name a few. Museums and art galleries are merely windows onto culture, not culture in itself. Should we change policy and bring creativity closer to us all? Will this inspire both ourselves and future generations and what will happen if this is not the case?

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