Month: October 2014

Why We Hate Creativity

Why we hate creativityImagine This

Imagine for a minute that your top management have asked me to radically change the way you work. This is because I persuaded them about my philosophy of using Creativity as a serious business tool. Management sent the following email to you and your colleagues on Friday afternoon.

Dear Colleague,

Our company is going to adopt a radical business model that will help us to be more efficient. We wish to get products to market faster but above all remain ahead of the competition. As a result there will be some changes to the structure of the organisation as well as the introduction of new management and business tools. Consequently, for many of you, there will be changes to the IT services provided by our IT department.

All affected staff will receive comprehensive training commencing on Monday morning. Please read the attached notes for your personalised training programme. 

We are all excited by the forthcoming changes and we hope that you will be too


Your Senior Management Team