Month: November 2014

Are You The Creative Type?

creative typeIs there such a thing as a creative type (other than one who holds a paintbrush or who gets covered in glue)? You can use the following list of traits to a) identify potentially creative people b) determine whether you are creative or not yourself. You can use these in the workplace rather than test your painting or photography skills.

Creative people share many of the following traits, they are likely to:

  • be able to live with a high degree of uncertainty
  • thrive on novelty
  • have a tolerance of ambiguity
  • be optimistic
  • consider alternatives
  • daydream
  • be independent
  • appear persistent
  • have a healthy scepticism
  • take risks
  • have a well developed sense of humour
  • use hunches and instinct to make decisions
  • be curious and observant
  • have multiple interests
  • constantly expose themselves to new ideas and experiences
  • resist conforming
  • be deeply committed to what they do
  • constantly share ideas and information with colleagues (well anyone who will listen actually)

So is this you? Are you the creative type?

Creative Thinking For Busy People

Too busyYou don’t have time to attend a creativity workshop or read a book on the matter but you might just have time to read a short article. Read on, this is the article that you have been waiting for! This is creative thinking for busy people!

Whether you want to try a few creative things for the first time or just want something to try on the fly then this is for you. Take note of, or try the following:

1) Ignore what other people think of your ideas or talent (at least for today). You know yourself better than they do.

2) Spend as much time as possible with creative people. You will find that the most consistently creative people are children because they have not had their creativity removed by our education systems. “Mind merging” with them can remind you of  the time when there was no box to think outside of!

3) You have the answer within you if you have trouble getting started with creative thinking. Everyone is creative, but if you don’t think you’re ‘good’ enough to be creative, or think very little of your own ideas the the chances are you will become a self fulfilling prophecy and dull as ditch water. The solution?  Raise your self esteem and you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to be your creative self.

4) Whenever you’re challenged to create something or come up with new ideas, ask yourself: What’s the most outrageous, preposterous, and nonsensical thing I can come up with? Use these ideas as  springboards for other less outrageous ideas that you could use on a daily basis.

5) Change the ways you do things, take another route to work, watch TV with one eye or read while you are on the toilet. Just try doing everyday things differently.

6) Change the colours of objects that you surround yourself with. Some studies have shown that a blue environment enhances creativity but red causes us to pay more attention to detail. You could try these two colours or simply experiment.