Are You The Creative Type?

creative typeIs there such a thing as a creative type (other than one who holds a paintbrush or who gets covered in glue)? You can use the following list of traits to a) identify potentially creative people b) determine whether you are creative or not yourself. You can use these in the workplace rather than test your painting or photography skills.

Creative people share many of the following traits, they are likely to:

  • be able to live with a high degree of uncertainty
  • thrive on novelty
  • have a tolerance of ambiguity
  • be optimistic
  • consider alternatives
  • daydream
  • be independent
  • appear¬†persistent
  • have a healthy scepticism
  • take risks
  • have a well developed sense of humour
  • use hunches and instinct to make decisions
  • be curious and observant
  • have multiple interests
  • constantly expose themselves to new ideas and experiences
  • resist conforming
  • be deeply committed to what they do
  • constantly share ideas and information with colleagues (well anyone who will listen actually)

So is this you? Are you the creative type?

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