3 Big Website Mistakes

search engine optimisationMuch is written about how to get people to see your lovingly crafted website, and much of this is designed to get you to spend your hard earned cash to employ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts. Unless you have an internet based business that relies on reasonable amounts of traffic being directed to your site then this is entirely unnecessary. Would you like to know the 3 big website mistakes to avoid?

First of all you need to look at how the internet searches work. Looking at things simply, bots (from Google, Bing etc.) wander around the internet taking a look at our websites. We don’t want to do anything to deter them so make it easy for them (plenty written on this subject). The search engines then operate on this mountain of data. We supply keywords or phrases and the search engines do the rest.

We of course want our sites to appear near the top of the results and with smartphones and tablets this is even more important. Here are 3 things that you really should not do to your website.

Have a poorly designed website – search engines like quality so your site should be clean and easy to use although it need not have been designed by a top designer!

Demonstrate untrustworthiness – if you offer advice you must demonstrate qualifications. If you offer online shopping then show security certificates, links to independent testimonials etc.

Never take into account the needs of users – these days users are lazy. They type the minimum but expect to see a website, directions to your shop etc. Ignore user needs at your peril.

The full article can be downloaded by clicking on the link  Learn To Love Your Bot


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