5 Amazing Brain Facts

Here are some amazing brain facts that you should know. The brain is an amazing organ and its use (or not) is at the very heart of creative thinking. But what do we actually know about the human brain? Well very little it turns out. This is until you do some digging and unearth a few facts. Here are just some that I uncovered whilst researching my radio show this week.

1) Your brain accounts for roughly 2% of your body weight but it is responsible for using 20% of your total energy and Oxygen intake.

2) Our brain cells are not all alike. There could be as many as 10,000 different types of neurons within our brains.

3) Your brain generates between 12 and 25 watts of electrical power which is enough to light up a modern LED light bulb.

4) Were you drinking last night? Did you forget part of your evening? Well actually you did not, when you are drunk you cannot form memories so in fact you had nothing to actually remember.

5) Our brains are 73% water so it is not surprising that becoming just 2% dehydrated affects our memory and other cognitive skills.

More brain facts to come later!


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