Reinvention, the first step

Regular visitors will have been used to me talking about ReThinking which is my umbrella term that covers both Reinvention and Innovation.

These two require similar but not identical skills and behaviours. The biggest difference though, is scale and timescale.

Reinvention covers the near or very near future and has a relatively small scope whilst Innovation has a large scope and a time scale which is long, or as some say ‘over the horizon’.

Here I am concerned with Reinvention, what some might call ‘pivoting’ (a largely meaningless term which everyone claims to understand but which I have never seen a definition for).

The first 3 steps on the Reinvention path are Anticipating ChangeDesigning Change and Implementing Change.

I have a simple but useful tool that can help you assess how ready you are to work in these three areas. Please ask if you wish to know more.

Let us look at the first step, Anticipating Change. Here are 5 questions, if you answer yes to any of them then you have issues. The more times you answer ‘yes’ the more work you have to do, unfortunately. All is not lost but you should act swiftly.

Here are the questions:

Does your business get insights and/or warnings from the same sources (suppliers, customers, trade publications, etc) and rarely go in search of unusual sources of information?

Are you and other employees rarely asked to share insights and reflections on potential threats, disruptions, or opportunities for your business?

When insights and warnings of disruptions (note this means disruptive events not the power being turned off!) are encountered, are they only shared with a small group of people?

Does your business only start reacting when confronted with an unfolding crisis or series of unexpected events rather than try to anticipate a threat or opportunity and be proactive?

Does your business take insufficient time for reflection, creative thinking, or being proactive?

If you want to know more about how to assess your readiness for Designing Change and Implementing Change then please get in touch and ask for my ‘Are You Future Fit’ download.

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