How Creativity Can Help Your Business

If you embrace the idea of creativity then as an employer you can get something else. And it is entirely for free, increased intrinsic motivation. Create the right conditions for yourself and others to be creative (at the appropriate time of course), and put in place the mechanisms to allow such behaviour. Consequently, employees and colleagues will automatically be given a greater degree of freedom and trust. In turn, this will be rewarded by increased effort or output. Now you have a better business and employees who will ‘go the extra mile’ for you without being coerced!

Podcast – Using negativity, making use of the Mood Hoovers

Mood Hoovers. Do you have some of those negative people in your business who just suck the life out of you? If you are self employed maybe you are surrounded by some. What do you do about them? Find out how using negativity can improve your business.

Exploring The Givens

Exploring the givens is something we need to do in order to challenge those things that sit in the background and quietly undermine us.

Whether at home or at work, we tend to focus on things around us that are changing, or that are connected to our own actions, because that is where much of the information that matters to us tends to be located. Life is much simpler if we filter out things that appear to be unchanging or irrelevant. Occasionally we must explore the givens.

But when the ‘stable, irrelevant background’ contains important information, this simplification breaks down. Many ‘problems’ become ‘problematic’ because the background contained potentially important information we did not notice until it was too late.

Creativity Is There Already, Nurture It

Creativity is there already. This is about valuing the creative potential in all of us, and trying to create room for it to flourish. Each of us has the ability to be creative, even if this only exists in small amounts. Such skills can be enhanced and amplified by employing the relevant tools and techniques.

Using negativity

Using negativity, especially within the workplace, is something you should try to do.

There are creative techniques that embrace negativity. In this podcast I describe one technique that you can use either on your own or with a group of people. If you have any negative people around you then they can help you greatly without actually realising it.