Creativity and Innovation Masterclasses

delivering creativity and innovation masterclasses in Iran

*** Please note that these subjects are currently under review and will be updated shortly. You can still request them for delivery at your event, but if you look back here you might find that the details have moved! If in doubt, please get in touch.***

Derek has designed his Creativity and Innovation masterclasses to show how creativity can be used as a serious tool for gaining insights into business issues and problems and provide better ideas and solutions. This is achieved in a fun, engaging and memorable manner so that participants are able to use the methods and techniques to add value with little or no extra tuition.

Derek’s overall aim is to promote the use of creativity and demonstrate its role in the innovation process and how we can measure and manage it successfully. The starting point is that innovation is a human process and that we must learn to manage the human capital within our organisations in an appropriate manner.

Derek covers the following topics. The amount of time allocated to each, and the depth of understanding attained may vary depending on the masterclass duration. Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Rules for the creative workplace
  • Warm up (also used for interviews etc.)
  • Establishing the current performance of your organisation
  • Creating a creative environment
  • Forming creative groups and teams
  • What makes a good idea?
  • The Creative Problem-Solving process
  • Technique selection
  • Better brainstorming
  • Changing perspective using modelling
  • Rapid idea generation using the morphological matrix
  • Exploring possibilities using guided imagery
  • Investigation of real life issues
  • Using the Innovation equation for managing creativity and innovation
  • Planning/communicating
  • Personal and organisational barriers to creativity
  • Calibrating your innovation pipeline

Download a guide to Derek’s Creativity and Innovation Masterclasses by clicking on the link.

Bite Size Creativity

Not everyone can afford to spend time out from their businesses or to spend a great deal of money during tough economic times. However, there is still a need to be able to think differently, make effective decisions and generate new ideas. If this rings a bell then this half day masterclass is for you. Derek can run this for you as a simple half day or perhaps later on in the day as a twilight session. There is also the possibility of running this masterclass over a full day with a greater focus on practical exercises.

Idea Generation

My Idea Generation masterclass is a one-day masterclass that is targeted solely at the generation of viable ideas for your business. It is similar to the Business Creativity masterclass but is less detailed. The aim is simply to create ideas. For those on a full programme, the emphasis is firmly on idea generation and evaluation.

Business Creativity

Derek created this one-day masterclass to introduce attendees to useful Creativity concepts which they can put into practice immediately. Learn how to generate at least 20 ideas over a cup of coffee, make use of negativity in the workplace and coax ideas and suggestions out of reluctant colleagues. Discover how to use Storytelling both as a problem-solving method and as a useful communications tool. You can also learn to use a Storyboard to create your company’s Strategy.

Creating The Difference

Many organisations have focused on their core businesses over the years and have lost the ability to be flexible and adapt to the global challenges that consistently appear. Now is the time to take an alternative look at your organisation and develop a new set of business tools to help you prepare for, and be successful in the future.  Attendees explore both personal and organisational creativity and their relationship with Innovation as well as dispelling the myths of creativity as ‘play’. Please note that this is a 2 day masterclass.