Innovation and Business Creativity podcasts:

innovation and business creativity podcasts
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I have recorded several Innovation and Business Creativity podcasts. The playlists will automatically be updated as more are recorded. The podcasts are short with a target playing time of between 3 and 5 minutes. They are intended for use when you are having a break, drinking a cup of coffee or even driving home.

There is no program to follow. Simply pick the title that appeals and play the audio. If you like the topics then why not sign up for my regular monthly newsletter? (new subscribers get a free copy of my Innovation Handbook).

If any of the topics resonate with you why not get in touch to see how Derek could help you? If you would like to watch some of my videos then please visit this page.

If you want to find more resources to download for free then why not try my resources page? There are free resources and links to a large number of articles that relate to the use of Innovation and Creativity in Business.

The Business Creativity and Innovation audio podcasts along with their respective program notes can be found in my blog here. For convenience, the very latest podcasts can be found on this page in the form of a playlist for my embedded audio player.

Simply click on the title and then click the play button or click on the title link above the player and go to the corresponding blog entry.

Radio Show ‘Late Morning Show’.

Here you can listen to Derek’s Late Morning show broadcast on Radio Ramadhan, broadcast in 2019. The show was broadcast on Mondays between 10:00am and 11:00am. The programs contain business related content along with a little light entertainment.

Radio Show ‘Coffee With Derek’.

Here you can listen to a sample of Coffee With Derek.  The show is no longer broadcast but used to be broadcast every Thursday between 1:30pm and 2:30pm BST. The programs contain business related content along with a little light entertainment and sometimes a look at local media.