‘Espresso’ Creativity Courses:

espresso creativity courses

Yes, I know! What on earth are Espresso Creativity Courses?

Well like, an Espresso coffee they are small (short in length) yet contain quite a lot of punch (content). They can be used as part of an away day, when time is short (schedule them in a morning, afternoon or evening) or when the time of attendees is valuable (Directors or other Senior Managers).

The following courses were specifically designed as short courses, but all courses outlined on this site are modular. So if you see something that interests you but is not in the required format then get in touch and ask about customisation.

Currently Available Espresso Creativity Courses.

Creative Insights

This is a densely packed course that lasts for approximately 3 hours. It is intended for Senior Managers or Consultancy staff. Attendees will be introduced to the following ideas and concepts using a number of techniques including experiential learning.

  • Setting rules and boundaries
  • The Innovation Equation
  • Creating A Creative Environment
  • The Creative Problem Solving Process
  • Creativity Technique Selection
  • A small range of techniques ranging from the simple to the ‘almost weird’

These topics have been chosen to show what is possible NOT to provide comprehensive training in a very short timescale. The ‘success criteria’ for running this course have been well defined so it is possible for certification to occur.

Banishing The Not Spots

Strictly speaking, this is not a pure creativity course. It uses Creativity and touches on Innovation too. It also is intended for Senior Managers  and is more suitable for an away day or event focused on Business Strategy. Attendees will cover:

  • The cycle of non-innovation
  • ROI or cost?
  • The Innovation Equation
  • Measuring Innovation Potential
  • Creating An Action Plan

For further details of short courses involving Creativity please arrange a call.