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Find out more about Derek Cheshire consultant speaker and authorIf you wish to find out more about Derek Cheshire then read on. You can see some of his videos by clicking here and listen to some podcasts by clicking here.

Derek is a specialist in the fields of Business Creativity and Innovation. He transfers his know-how in a no-nonsense and clear manner, demystifying the often ambiguous world of Creativity in a business context.

Derek will give you insights into how Creativity and Innovation can directly improve the fortunes of your organisation. Also, he supplies handy hints, tips, and no-nonsense advice, allowing you to get down to work and make a difference right now.

Whether you operate in the private, public or not for profit sectors, Derek’s methods will work for you.

Find Out How Derek Does This

Derek delivers Consultancy to clients as and when they need it. Projects can vary in length from 1 day to as long as you like. He tailors everything just for you.

Keynotes are typically 30 to 45 minutes in length. Derek delivers these to larger audiences from a platform with minimal interaction.

Seminars are similar to keynotes but audiences are smaller and the degree of interaction is greater.

Derek delivers Masterclasses to much smaller audiences, and often over several days. They are highly interactive, designed to give you the best possible learning.

Derek delivers in a no-nonsense jargon-free manner with follow-up support included as standard. All training is modular. You can mix and match and if you like some of the ideas but don’t see what you want here. Just ask!

A Brief History

Since 2002, Derek Cheshire has championed creativity as a serious business tool to allow organisations of all sizes to realise their full potential, create the products and services that their customers want, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

His work encompasses innovation strategy, project management, creativity masterclasses,  facilitating continuous innovation, and of course, speaking on the topics of Creativity and Innovation.

Derek is an international speaker, having delivered his Creativity messages in places from Mexico to Iran and India. He has articles published in diverse places such as the Hindustan Times and the Malawi Guardian and also the United Nations. His Blog article “How To Generate 20 New Business Ideas Over Coffee” is a firm favourite among readers!

Derek is a member of the mastermind group for the Design Interaction course at the Royal College of Art and Design in The Hague, has appeared on the CNBC programme The Business of Innovation and is a Fellow of the RSA and a Fellow of the Institute of Social Innovation Creativity and Change.

Past clients include the British Council, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Selther Manufacturing, Places for People and Swansea Metropolitan University.

His mission is to ensure you have fun and show you how useful, and profitable, Creativity and Innovation can be.

If you wish to find out more, then simply head across to my contact page.

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