Our Innovation Programs:

innovation programs

Innovation Management.

The measurements allow the creation of action plans without the need for spending large amounts of money, time and resources. Depending on the findings, actions may be generated in the following areas:

  • Team working
  • Micro management
  • Desire to win
  • Know how to win
  • Environmental scanning
  • External relationships
  • Getting the best from people
  • Strategic barriers

To the above you will also need to add the following which are derived from drivers for Organisational Creativity, one of the essential components of Innovation.

  • Corporate culture
  • Organisational culture
  • Learning ability
  • Structure and processes
  • Leadership and Management
  • Knowledge communities
  • Knowledge infrastructure (not IT dependent)
  • Company networks

We have produced a paper containing some further ideas on Innovation and how an organisation might go about embracing it. This is not a definitive text and all organisations are different. Please ask for further information.

Intelligent Growth.

This exciting new programme is the result of collaboration with our innovation partners. It combines use of our Innovation Toolkit with Creativity workshops and seminars together with experience of creating and running innovation projects. The aim is for us to act as a catalyst and not as a substitute labour force.

Our Intelligent Growth programme comprises the following elements although not all of them are used in every programme:

  • Innovation Toolkit – establishes your strengths and areas for improvement that are specifically innovation related
  • Creative Workshops – to spread new ways of thinking and educate leaders and managers
  • Frameworks – to help you create your own frameworks for managing creativity and know-how within your organisation
  • Pilot Project – if you wish to dip your toes into the water and try things on a small scale then we can help here too
  • Project Management – in case you need a little help managing the process
  • Roll Out – if you opt for a pilot project then we will help you roll out your new programme throughout your company
  • Knowledge Transfer – everything that you pay for gets transferred to you so you can carry on long after we have gone
  • Ongoing coaching and mentoring – we do not want to leave you high and dry

For further details such as pricing and your own customised programme contact us now.


Our Futures Programme is aimed at helping you predict the future up to 25 years from now so that you can create the appropriate strategies, harness resources and make the correct investment decisions for your innovation and growth programmes.

Our Futures Programme:

  • Assists you in predicting the future for your organization
  • Allows you to focus on creating efficient strategies
  • Identify and gain control of the resources you require
  • Allows you to make better investment decisions
  • Works for both public and private sector organizations

The best way to ensure that your organisation not only survives, but thrives, is to know what the future holds. Creating a plan for the future based on the present or the past is clearly inaccurate and risky. To create a strategy for the future we need a view of what the future actually looks like. Many people profess to do this already but what is it exactly that they are doing? From existing management information you might be able to predict the amount of resources required (both human and material) as well as the features of your competitive environment. How far in the future can you do this without resorting to sticking a wetted finger into the air? The answer is probably less than 12 months in the current economic climate.

Most people are familiar with the passage of a ship on the ocean that leaves a wake behind. By examining the wake and knowing how much time has passed, one or more experts could tell you something about the ship, its speed and course. Now imagine that you are at the tail end of the wake but you are in the present, the ship is in the future and not visible to you. If you could pick up all of the bits of information that are present, look at the patterns, and have access to experts then it is possible to gain sufficient information to predict the future for your company. Get in touch for further details.


Many organisations have created successful Innovation or Research and Development functions and found that there is a need to bring the skills and expertise into the core of the organisation and to spread both knowledge and a new organisational culture throughout the business. The questions is How? The answer is Domino2 Knowledgeware. It was created for exactly this reason. It consists of a number of stages:

  • Phase 1 – creation of audit materials, identification of tools, design of materials for rollout phase
  • Phase 2 – design of knowledge transfer and communications activities, creating an idea capture system, outlining a system for idea management
  • Phase 3 – demonstration and trialling of learning materials, creation of innovation ambassadors
  • Phase 4 – creation of Action Learning sets, identification of coaches/mentors
  • Phase 5 – establish norms and frameworks, ensure feedback mechanisms work

At the end of these phases it is possible to spread knowledge in a manner similar to dropping pebbles into a pond and observing the ripples spreading. Conversely it is also possible to listen and gather ideas and feedback from your entire organization. Note that this system does not depend in any way on technology although technology can be employed as an enabler depending on your budget. This is a bespoke product that is designed to last a minimum of 12 months and which will take longer to gain maximum benefit. For further information please contact us.

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