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derek cheshire creativity and innovation speaker

Soup, Jugaad, and Chai.

This is for people who sit around a boardroom table and take decisions regarding the strategic direction of a business. Derek takes a look at the Future of Innovation and answers the questions that audiences are likely to have. These include ‘Why do we need it?’, ‘How do we get it?’,  ‘What does it look like?’,  and ‘How much does it cost?’ as well as revealing the relevance of Soup, Jugaad and Chai to the structure, culture and behaviours of an organisation.

Creating The Chameleon.

The ideal format for a business is one that acts like a chameleon i.e. it automatically changes and reacts to its surroundings. It is entirely possible for a business to react to changes in the environment (economic, regulatory, competition, etc) and make the appropriate changes to the structure and direction of the business. The business will not be Lean since flexibility does require a small overhead but this is more than offset by not needing to have expensive change interventions (often by expensive consultancy companies) and the ability to react rapidly to changing and adverse circumstances.

Derek outlines how this can be done, the tools you need, and what to look out for when buying in outside help.

Turning Your Not Spots Into Hot Spots.

Derek takes a look at what he calls the ‘cycle of non-innovation’. This is the quagmire that organisations often fall into when they try to do things themselves, fail, and then throw good money after bad. There are things that can be done if you have the know-how, the right tools at hand and more importantly the will to succeed. Derek gives examples of companies that have not only survived. but have actually expanded during recession.

Slow Innovation.

Derek originally created this as a manifesto for the Change This organisation. We have Slow Food, Slow Education and many other Slow movements. Derek uses Slow Food as a metaphor to explore how Innovation can be made sustainable and manageable. He describes how you can avoid expensive knee-jerk reactions and journeys down blind alleys in your quest for future success.

Understanding The Innovation Equation.

Derek created the Innovation Equation as a model which he uses to explain the concept of Innovation. Furthermore, he shows how it provides a method for actively measuring the Innovation capability of organisations. Thus we can measure progress and compare performance in different industry sectors. Derek looks at the role of Creativity and Knowledge as well as the other factors that are necessary for success. Derek often takes a light hearted look at businesses that are in the news headlines.


All of the above can be delivered as a Keynote, Seminar or Workshop according to client needs. Derek has also delivered many of these topics as Bite Size or Twighlight events for organisations that are time poor and have busy diaries. All topics can be delivered virtually as well as face to face. Please get in touch for further information.

For more intimate learning environments the following topics can all be incorporated. Don’t be shy, ask and get some of these for your organisation.

Pick from:

Rules for the creative workplace, establishing your current Innovation potential,  the creative environment, forming creative groups and teams, what makes a good idea?, the Creative Problem-Solving process, technique selection, better brainstorming, changing perspective/reframing, rapid idea generation, guided imagery, planning/communicating, personal and organisational barriers to creativity, calibrating your innovation pipeline and the cost of innovation.

Are you looking for an Innovation Speaker or a Creativity Speaker? If so then see how Derek can help you.