diversity of experience

I talk a lot about using people from different disciplines to get things done. Some get it, many don’t and think they know best.

I am talking here about Diversity of Experience NOT what some people call neuro diversity or cognitive diversity. I am simply referring to the knowledge and background of contributors, not how they think although this could be part of your recruitment process.

Read the following quote and then read on to see what this relates to.

“.. we were relying on the likes of a bomb disposal expert, an Indian rowing star, an Italian consultant, a submarine delivery agent, a former ambassador, a football pundit and a venture capitalist …”

This is a quote from The Long Shot, a book written by Kate Bingham and Tim Hames describing how the Vaccine Taskforce came into being and the struggles they had along the way. Without this mix of people, many of us would be dead right now.

Although delivering in a short space of time and working with both industry partners and civil servants could not be described as organic innovation, readers might find some useful tips regarding smooth working and diversity in this blog article of mine.

Let’s talk to see how we can work together to create your ideal team or organisation …

Diversity of Experience – a game changer

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