Why Do We Need Innovation And Creativity?

Why do we need creativity and innovation

Do these business problems have a familiar ring to them?

“COVID has devastated our business.”
“We’d like to innovate but we don’t know how.”
“We’re not sure we can afford Innovation.”
“We are under increased pressure to produce results.”
“OK is simply no longer good enough.”
“Competition is increasing.”
“Cost cutting and downsizing are no longer working.”
“Staff motivation is flagging.”
“We’re not sure if we will be here next year.”

If these issues sound familiar then we should talk.

I provide organisations with the ability to challenge the traditional thinking that traps them in a world of mediocrity. The future should not simply be  ‘more of the same’. This is the only way to escape the issues outlined above.

By employing alternative ways of thinking, you can seize control of their future. You can proactively manage the use of  Creativity as a business tool and get to grips with your Innovation programmes.

Whether you think you need masterclasses, facilitator training, an expert speaker on creativity, innovation audit, project management or just plain advice on getting your initiatives started, I can help. Just get in touch via the contact page and I will do my very best to help.

Our business is not a creative business, is this relevant?

Most definitely. Alternative ways of thinking can be used as a means to beat the competition, create new ideas or simply beat the recession. There are other uses too, such as making what you do more effective. This is what I mean by Creativity.

Would it be good to create a strategy for your organisation in an afternoon rather than several weeks, or perhaps investigate difficult situations such as bullying or harassment?

Anything you did using conventional thinking in the past can be done better and faster but I am not suggesting that everything you have is thrown away. Embrace the new and keep it in your toolbox with everything else and bring it out at the appropriate time.

Why does my organisation need Creativity?

When was the last time you got into a difficult situation? Have you ever forgotten a present for a special occasion and found yourself making elaborate excuses? Well, this is your creativity at work. Some people have more than others but we all have at least a spark. But why is this useful to your organisation?

Like people, organisations find themselves in difficult situations due to increased competition, global trading conditions or just increased pressure from stakeholders to perform better. There is no manual to escape, no ‘get out of jail free’ card. The way forward is to solve problems, generate ideas for new products and services or find new markets.

For this to succeed a degree of creativity is required, not just personal creativity but organisational creativity. This brings other challenges in dealing with ambiguity and the unknown. Don’t worry, help is at hand.

Do I need to be creative?

The answer to this question is ‘No’.  An Innovation System is desirable from the point of view of developing new products, services or processes but it takes a wide variety of skills to make such a system work effectively.

The only real requirement is for you, and those around you to have an open mind and be open to the possibility that the way you have run your company up until now may not be the same as the way it needs to be run from now onwards. This applies even if you currently run a successful business.

You picked up on the ‘Innovation’ word?

If there was a system that could help you generate better ideas, retain ideas and know-how, remove barriers, improve the working environment and increase both performance and profits would you be interested? Creativity is a part of this. The rest is made up of your existing know-how, a desire to change and the way you generate, capture and bring ideas into life. Finally, when these ideas generate value for your organisation then you have been innovating. An Innovation programme thus includes Creativity as an important component.

My ideas involve the whole organisation from top to bottom and all functional areas – I do not simply focus on invention or technology transfer. Better still, the main resource that I use is one that you already have, a supply of – people!

Even better, I have a methodology for running innovation projects and programmes, a toolkit for measuring your capacity to innovate as well as the know-how from working on practical innovation projects.

How can we work together?

Apart from consultancy, I can deliver a number of Keynotes, Seminars and Masterclasses which are designed to transfer know-how to your business. These cover topics such as making innovation sustainable, organisational structures of the future and global competition in innovation as well as the application of creativity to business processes such as creating a strategy.

Find out more about my vision for Innovation in the future Innovation, The Way Forward.

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