Using negativity

Using negativity, especially within the workplace, is something you should try to do.

There are creative techniques that embrace negativity. In this podcast I describe one technique that you can use either on your own or with a group of people. If you have any negative people around you then they can help you greatly without actually realising it.

Learn To Value Play

As young children we play without thinking about what we are doing. Sticks become spears and swords and cardboard boxes make great castles. These, and other methods of play allow us to experience the real world but in a non-threatening way. Also we engage our imagination without the presence of the artificial barriers or filters that adults tend to employ. As adults we call this prototyping but we tend to forget the importance. We must value play more.

Breaking Mindsets

Breaking mindsets is all about smashing fixed ways of thinking. Most, if not all of us have either a fixed way of doing things or a fixed way of thinking about things. These fixed patterns are known as mindsets and they can severely limit our actions in both business and private life. Imagine that you take the same route each day when you walk to your place of work. Each day you buy the same newspaper and the same sandwich for lunch. Over time you begin to get a little fed up with your choice of sandwich and the newspaper does not seem to engage you as it once did.

Making Time For Innovation

Often there is no budget for innovation. It can be difficult to make time for innovation or to make it part of everyday life when the bean counters demand that everything is charged to a cost centre.

This is the big dilemma, the trade-off between money and the time that we need to ‘steal’.

Build Up, Don’t Knock Down

Build up dont knock down. ‘Building’ techniques are extremely powerful and often very portable. They can have very positive secondary effects. Furthermore, they allow you to take virtually any input – a random piece of news, a misunderstanding or an accidental meeting – and get useful ideas from it.